UG/Try to squirm free of Jeff's grip and get away

From Create Your Own Story

You struggle to free yourself. "Oh, is that how you want to play?" Marcus grunts. He walks over and manages to remove your clothes and pack without damaging them.

"Please," you gasp. "Don't do this."

Marcus and Lance strip quickly. Marcus puts a condome on his enormous hunk of black meat. Then Marcus takes you from Jeff so Jeff can get his own clothes off.

The three of them carry you, kicking and struggling, to a padded platform. They lie you on your back with your legs spread, and a pillow goes under your bottom, enabling access to your back channel.

"Go!" Jeff says, and as you open your mouth to protest he slams his cock into it. Simultaneously, Lance rams his pole into your ass and Marcus spears your box, ripping your hymen. The three of them don't waste time, pounding away hard and fast. To your horror, after the initial shock your traitorous body is responding. Several orgasms rip through you.

"The slut likes this," Marcus grins. You can't respond, as Jeff's member is occupying your mouth. They all finish up at the same time, Jeff shooting a load down your throat and Lance filling your butt with his sperm. Marcus pulls out and removes the filled condom. They quickly dress, and Jeff drops your clothes and pack on the platform.

"Your body enjoyed that," Jeff informs you. "Come back any time and party with us again." They leave before you have a chance to gather your strength.

When you finally have the energy to move, you have a decision to make.

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