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It seemed like no time has passed since you got teleported away from your previous area. However, you're standing somewhere completely different now, the Town! It appears that you are not the only person that is being teleported, because a hell of a lot more people are being summoned to the starting town. When it feels like everyone got teleported here, something very strange happened: It seemed like that blood was dripping from the sky! However this was not the case. The red liquid transformed in a floating red piece of clothing, showing a man behind it. It wasn't possible to make a face out of it, due to the fact the face was censored by darkness.

???: Welcome, everyone. Welcome to my game, Sword Art Online. I am the developer of Sword Art Online, Akihiko Kayaba. The reason I have brought everyone here, is because of a commonly asked question among you people. That being: How do I log out? The question to this mater is simple: You can't.

After Kayaba said this, a lot of people started to panic. Who would blame them? As far as most people could tell, is that they are not trapped.

Kayaba: I can guarantee you that this is not a bug in the system. SAO is designed this way, to prevent players from leaving the game. However, there is a way to log out: You will have to complete Aincrad, the floating castle. Aincrad is made out of 100 floors, and you will have to complete every single floor to make it out, alive.

Yet again, most people started to panic. Mostly because Kayaba mentioned the word 'alive'.

Kayaba: Let me explain. It's very simple, really. The moment you die in the game, you will die in real life. Right now it's also known for the outside world. The news is spreading across the media, and hell is going loose in Japan. If someone from the other side tries to remove the NerveGear, there is a possibility that your brain will melt, and that you will die as well.

In the meantime people were crying into other people's shoulders. They simple could not believe that this were possible and that there is a man with a high enough authority to achieve something like this.

Kayaba: Before I go, I have one last surprise for you. If you open your inventory, you will see an item named: Mirror. Use this. If you don't, you won't make it to the end of the game, let me assure you that.

Out of fear, everyone equipped their mirror and used it. The entire Town turns white for a moment, and after the light wore off, everyone seemed a little 'different'. You could also feel the ground feeling more, sensitive, than before. Everyone thought the same, and they started to panic. It appears everyone's real life appearance showed up! Some avatars don't correspond with how they really look like. Some even faked their gender!

Kayaba: Now with that out of the way, enjoy Sword Art Online. I'll be off now, goodbye adventurers.

And just like that, Kayaba took off, leaving everyone speechless. Most of the people started to yell out of fear, and could not resist their fear and anger. May this game really offer their death? While chaos spreads in the town, you decide to:

Health 2000/2000 Equipment:

Rookie Sword

Col 762
Level 7
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