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Just like you thought in the real world, your main priority would be to experience the gameplay and to have as much fun as possible. So just like that, you make your way out of the town and start advancing into the fields.

Halfway in the field, you could see a fine looking boar, ready to be slashed into bits. However, you noticed that you didn't have a weapon equipped yet! As you start to panic a little, you quickly managed to use your menu. Equipping a weapon wasn't that hard, since you could already see your inventory and equippable items. The only weapon that was available for you, was the Rookie Sword. It's not much, but better than your fists anyway. You equip the sword, and you charge towards the Frenzy Boar. You jump up and land on top of the boar, piercing your sword right through his chest. The boar's body disappears, leaving his regular mob drops behind. You noticed that you gained Exp. and another object: Col. You don't know what that is supposed to mean, but you don't really care for now. It may be a good moment to farm some kills and grind for exp, since you don't want to fall behind the other players. You could already see some other players doing the same thing.

30 minutes later...

Apparently, thirty minutes have already passed. You could also notice that the sun went down, and that there was a beautiful sunset. You decide to sit down for a moment, since your little grind resulted in you becoming Level 7 by now. You look at the beauty of the descending sun while watching around you as well. You could see a couple of other players doing the same thing. Everyone was having a fine moment, until you realized that the ingame-time could be the same as the real life-time. You totally forgot to make diner for yourself! You rapidly stand up and advance to your menu, searching for the Logout button. Although something odd is going on here, the Logout button is nowhere to be found. Maybe there is another way to log out, via the Town for example. You go to the town, although during your sprint towards the town, you could feel yourself getting lighter. And after 3 seconds, you also are nowhere to be found.


Health 1854/2000 Equipment:

Rookie Sword

Col 762
Level 7
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