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And just like that, you are about to enter the wonderful Full Dive VR experience everyone in Japan was talking about. Sword Art Online, the already popular game made by Akihiko Kayaba, has been exploding on the market. After several seconds, all the headsets, the NerveGears, have been sold out and everybody who bought one would have their own within a day. A total of 200.000 have been sold by that time. The game was bound to be the new face of the next-gen gaming technology. Especially when first booting up the NerveGear, you have to touch certain places on your body. This way, the NerveGear can detect various aspects of you. Your age is one of them.

As you are 'diving' into the world, you can see several loading screens in the form of a lot of colorized shapes and circles, confirming that all of your sense organs are working and compatible with the headset. The game then gives you a warm welcome:

Welcome to Sword Art Online!

Sadly no introduction, but that wasn't your concern. It was your main priority to experience the gameplay and to beat the game eventually. After the character customization, you suddenly fell on the floor. While trying to stand up, you look in front of you and you can see how the town looks like. While you are looking around, you see a lot of other people appearing around you. It's unclear to you how the game works, and the first thought you have:

Health 500/500 Equipment:

No equipment

Col 0
Level 1
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