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Even though your main goal was to experience the gameplay, it is also important to know how to actually do the gameplay. That's why it may be best to hang around in the town, searching for information about how to do things. You take your time to study the town a little bit. After thirty minutes, this is the information that you got to know:

  • The name of the beginners town: The Town of Beginnings.
  • The strange platform in the middle of the town is called the Teleport Gate. Here, you can travel to the different floors that the game has to offer.
  • The Town of Beginnings has two Merchant Districts. These are places where you can purchase, sell, improve and create all kinds of equipment. It is also possible to create Guilds here.
  • All players have a menu. Here they can access their status, equipment, quests, community and events.
  • Col is the currency of the game. Japanese yen is not a thing in this world.
  • In this world, special abilities named: Sword Skills, are a thing. They are special skills that makes your attacks stronger, but at the cost of SP.

You're glad to know all of this knowledge, while the most people don't even know yet. Although you have wished you could gain some exp from doing this, since you are still level 1. While you are on your way to the center of the Town to log out, since it's almost diner time for you, you notice that the Logout button is missing. Strange, since one of the books you've seen mentioned the Logout button being there in the menu.

Arriving at the center of the town, you notice that suddenly a lot of people around you actually get teleported to the center. First the missing Logout button, and now this strange event? Someone odd is going on...

Health 500/500 Equipment:


Col 0
Level 1
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