The Targaryen Bastard

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You are the last original follower to go with the Targaryens following Robert Baratheon's rebellion and the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister betrayal of the true king. Before you crossed the Narrow sea with Viserys and Daenerys you swore an oath to Queen Rhaella, the day before she gave birth to Dany. You swore to protect Dany and any other Targaryen. You made this oath knowing even then that while Viserys claim to king was true and pure, without Daenerys there could be no future Targaryens. It was far from what the Queen wanted, an 8 year old not strong enough to wield a blade and armor swearing that he would fight off anyone and anything that tried to hurt her remaining children, but she didn't have a choice. Mace Blackfyre was her only option.

So you bode your time, doing what Viserys demanded and ordered but never going so far from Daenerys that you couldn't keep a protective eye over her. When Viserys arranged Dany's wedding to Khal Drogo, you were the only one brave enough, or stupid enough, even to even attempt to talk him out of it. You reminded him over and over that, 'Princess Daenerys must have her first child a true born Targaryen, my King.'

He only spat in reply "Do you wish to wake the DRAGON?!" He was cocksure, ignorant and would do anything he could to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms. It was only his rage that prevented those within earshot from calling him what all of Westeros was calling him, 'The Beggar King'.

You forced yourself to stay your hand when Viserys either hit Daenerys or tried to humiliate and control her, treating her as his plaything. Whenever you got the chance, and were sure Viserys would not find out, you would help Dany to her feet, clothing her if necessary. You would feed her and comfort her, and tell her that while Viserys could one day reclaim the Seven Kingdoms and be King, she would be Queen, and as a true Queen no one, not even the King, can tell her what to do and how to do it. It was a difficult and incredibly dangerous thing to even attempt, but you managed it over and over, even giving her a few final assuring words on the night of her wedding.

At Dany's wedding, Viserys decided to toy with you. He claimed it to be another majestic gift from him to his sister to summon her most loyal and longest serving slave to fight in her honor against any man of Khal Drogo's choosing. Luckily, Drogo pointed to a random warrior in front of him who had just finished riding a slave woman That was enough to make you hate the man you were paired against. He fought well, for a random, but you were inside his attacking guard and through the other side before he knew what had hit him. He just swung wildly, quickly but wildly, then as he began to tire you switched from a dodging and blocking defense to swift and piercing attacks. With two moves you had him holding his blade above his head while you had your own through his ribs. It earned a rough clap from Khal Drogo, and a look of total relief on his bride's face. For the first time, Dant subtly clapped for him as well, an act of defiance against her brother.

A new man joined Viserys's company that day also regarded you with a nod of the head. He was a Weserosi knight, with the complection of a northerner. He waited until Viserys had busied himself with conversation a few hours later to come over and talk to you.

"It is a rare thing to see one as young as you fight with such skill," he commented, "I had thought that the Targaryens had no sworn swords remaining. Tell me, first what is your name and second who trained you?"

"I might ask you the same question. I do not speak to anyone unbeknownst to my Queen and King." You reply stiffly, showing that you won't be intimidated.

"Pardon me," he says, approaching Daenerys. You tense up, ready to strike. He bows to Dany and bestows upon her books from the Seven Kingdoms. He says he is honored to meet the Princess and swears to commit to the Targaryen cause. When Dany askes his name he replies, "Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island. I served your father for many years. Gods be good I hope to always serve the rightful king." He then bowed again and returned to your side. Daenarys clearly enjoyed his gift, and you felt a pang of... jealousy?

"So you know my name, might I learn yours now?"

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