Say coldly, "I also do not speak with those who have not earned my trust."

From Create Your Own Story

Without even a second glance at him you say. "I also do not speak with those who have not earned my trust." Then before he has a chance to say anything back you stride in the direction he has just come from, bow deeply to Daenerys before silently taking a guarding position behind her. You could see everything she was seeing and more, constantly keeping your eyes moving. On more than one occasion you saw Drogo looking behind him to glance at you as if he had no idea what you were doing, but that quickly passed as the gifting came to an end.

Khal Drogo stood up and left Dany's side and for a moment, though practically terrified of her groom, she looked at a loss without him by her side, as if he was the only thing keeping back all of the others. He returned not a minute later grasping the reins to a magnificent white filly and held his hand out for Dany.

"You are not part of a khalasar if you do not ride." You hear one of Viserys's new 'advisors' telling him as Dany places a delicate hand on the horse's neck. With a hand from Drogo she mounts and rides through the camp so everyone could see her, although you, having known Dany from a baby, knew she hated having eyes on her and must have been lost in the joy of riding. No more so was this evident than when she made her new horse leap over a pit fire, a look of glee on her face. Though as she returned to where she started she saw Drogo had mounted his own large stallion. Her smile was lost as she knew what was to come. Sensing her fear you moved to her side and made it look as if you were checking her footing. Drogo gave a quick but brief look of disgust and waited, seemingly impatiently for you to finish with Dany.

"Do not be afraid my Queen. I don't believe he will try to harm you and if you need my sword you need only scream and I will come. Be strong my Queen," You say to her quietly before Viserys takes your place at her side. You can instantly see him trying to dig his nails into her flesh while he's positioned in such a way that Drogo cannot see what he is doing.

"You had better make him happy or you'll wake the dragon," Viserys growls. Dany doesn't reply, only stealing a glance at you. Soon she is led away by Drogo, off to have their wedding night. When they are out of sight, Viserys turns to you in a rage.

"What in the seven hells did you say to her?! No, I don't want to know! Speak to her again and you will wake the dragon!" His finger waves in front of your face and his arms, chest, and head shake with built up rage. It would be hard not to laugh but you manage, bowing and saying 'Your Majesty' in a low voice so none other than he can hear you.

What next?

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