Mace Blackfyre Backstory

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Mace Blackfyre was born a bastard.

You were 8 when you fled across the Narrow Sea with Viserys and Dany. Everyday, every chance you got, you trained to wield a blade. You started off small. You knew you didn't have the strength to lift a proper blade, so you focused on daggers, then archery. You worked tirelessly to build up your strength, training every morning and every night whenever you got the chance. Some of the crew said that only the dragons themselves could stop you from maintaining your self-induced harsh training routine.

One day, Viserys overheard of your training and slapped you across the cheek, angered that you, a bastard, was stronger than him. He ordered you to stop for a week, to assert himself. So you did, not because he was a dragon but because he was a Targaryen and you served him. Though that along with other incidents made him think he was a dragon and only need be angered to become the beast. His favorite threat, 'Do you want to wake the dragon,' came from this. He may have been charismatic, but you could see he was pathetic. However, you forced yourself to stay silent around him for the most part. At the age of 21 you had taught yourself enough to stay alive in a fight, with or without weapons. You could shoot down birds or animals with ease and de-fur them. You traded these furs and kept at least a little income coming in for Dany if she needed it.

However, Viserys soon saw the potential in your abilities. You were forced to fight, like a gladiator, for Viserys entertainment, like a party trick, whenever you all moved location to somewhere new or even when you all were forced to re-visit. At first Viserys hated that you continued to survive, and Dany either cried, turned away, or left when Viserys decide to show off your talents. After awhile though even the hateful Viserys came to like you, even if it was only for your abilities, though he never stopped putting you up for another fight. So, that is your story.

The rest lies in front of you, unwritten.

Which path will you choose?

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