Stalker-a grocery store that's gone out of business

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You drive to an grocery store that hasn't been open for a good 6 months. Breaking the lock, you drag Jenny inside and take her to the cool storage room. After rigging the door so that it stays slightly ajar, you set up a couple battery operated lights and drag your helpless captive inside. You tie a rope to her cuffs and throw it over a steel beam before tying the other end to the cuffs. The rope pulls up on the shackles and keeps Jenny bent forward. You also pull out a homemade spreader bar, little more than a broomstick with a rope through a hole in each end. You tie her ankles to it, holding them about two feet apart. You pull the bag off Jenny's head and remove her gag.

"Where am I? Somebody help me!" she screams in panic.

"Don't bother screaming. No one's going to hear you in here."

"Robert? Why?"

"I can't wait forever for you."

"What are you talking about?"

"All I wanted through high school was a shot at being with you. I wasted that chance. You wasted it yesterday. I'm not going to waste it anymore."

"Oh my God. You don't have to do this." You stick a ball gag in her mouth and shut her up.

Do you:

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