Stalker-feel up Jenny through her clothes in the cooler

From Create Your Own Story

You look over Jenny and like what you see. Her full bosom hangs in her white button-down shirt and her ass sticks out due to her wrists being pulled back and up. Her black skirt, ending just above her knee, and her heels help show off her straining nylon-covered legs. You walk up behind her and grab a handful of asscheek. Jenny whimpers in her gag as you fondle her firm, round backside and reach forward and massage her chest. You squat down behind her and let your hands run down her legs. Jenny tries in vain to kick you, but the spreader bar stops her. Your hands stroke her calves and thighs as you slide up and under her skirt. Your hands find the front of Jenny's pale pantyhose and stroke her pussy through the nylon and her cotton panties. Jenny gurnts and twists as she tries to avoid your fingers, but you continue to stroke her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other until you notice a hint of wetness.

Do you:

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