Stalker-strip Jenny's clothes in the cooler

From Create Your Own Story

You reach under Jenny with both hands and, placing them flat on her helpless chest, you grab her blouse and tug hard. The buttons hit the floor as you rip them off her top. Jenny moans in protest as your hands pass over the silky material of her bra, working their way to the back and finding the clasp. You reach into your bag and grab a scissors, cutting through the shoulders of her blouse and then her bra straps. Her clothes fall from her body, allowing her perfect breasts to hang freely. Her abs flex as she writhes in her bondage, trying to find a comfortable position. You now grab hold of her skirt and pull it roughly to the ground. You lift Jenny's hips and kick her skirt away. Jenny's ass and legs look great in her pantyhose, leading you to only cut away the crotch of the hose and slicing a slit in her panties.

Do you:

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