School Fun: Agree to Bible study with Brittany

From Create Your Own Story

"Lead the way," you say to Brittany. She takes you to her studio apartment, one block off campus. Religious pictures and posters cover the walls, with a five-foot-tall poster of a stylized Jesus prominiently displayed. A large cross hangs from the inside of the door, and Brittany herself is wearing a small silver crucifix around her neck. Aside from her school books, the only other book in the room is what has to be a very expensive edition of the Bible. It is on its own table, and when opened occupies most of the space.

"Welcome," Brittany says. "Have you ever so much as opened a Bible? You sure don't act like it."

You surprise the brunette with your true response. "I've read it cover to cover, more than once." I just don't think the moral lessons all apply to today's world that's 6,000 years more advanced, and the science is way outdated, you think silently.

"Really?" Brittany says. "Can you read me your favorite part out loud, then?"

You quickly find the Song of Solomon and begin reading it out loud, slowly and in as husky a voice as you can manage. You have it memorized word-for-word, so you can keep your eyes on Brittany. Listening to you, her skin becomes flushed and she begins to squirm in the chair she's seated herself in.

You finish reading and you...

Do you:

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