School Fun: Walk behind Brittany and begin massaging her neck

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You walk behind Brittany and begin sensually, slowly massaging her neck. Her body visibly relaxes and she lets out the softest of moans.

You reach down, scoop her unresisting body into your arms, and remove all of her clothing before lying her face downwards on the bed. She makes no objection as you again begin massaging her neck and then slowly begin working downwards, to first her shoulders and then her upper back.

"Mmmmmmmm," Brittany purrs. "Don't stop."

Your expert hands continue to work downwards, unknotting the pretty brunette's muscles. "When was the last time you got a body massage?" you ask casually.

"Never," she replies.

"Then enjoy your first one," you say with a smile. You finish with her back and move downwards to her firm rump. You then spread her legs slightly and begin working upwards from her feet and ankles. By the time you reach the back of her thighs, you can see the juices dripping from her box.

You turn Brittany over and work from her feet up again, the front of her legs this time. She is quivering with desire but unable to express it. When you reach her thighs, you take your time and do a slow, sensual working over. Her breathing is starting to get deep and slightly ragged and you wonder if you can make her cum just by caressing her body.

You have one area left. Your hands work from her neck down to her chest. You make sure to carefully work all the tension out of her breasts, including "accidentally" brushing her nipples a few times. Brittany's breathing changes to a series of gasping pants. You lightly pinch both her nipples between your fingertips and her body shudders with pleasure. She shakes and quivers through a climax. The sweet smell of her juices permeates the room.

You quickly move down her belly with your hands as she recovers from the orgasm. When she's able to talk again, she looks at you with shining, questioning eyes. "What... just happened... to me?" she asks tremulously.

Brittany must have had an even more strict religious background than I thought, you think to yourself. I think I just gave her her first orgasm!

"You climaxed, Brittany," you tell the brunette. "You've never had that experience before?"

"N-no," she stammers.

"Was it fun?" you grin.

"Yes, it was," she purrs.

"Would you like to climax again?" you ask, with a soft smile on your face.

"Just... don't force yourself on me," Brittany says. "I'm saving myself for marriage."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that," you say. "I want you to like me."

"Then... okay," the brunette replies, still unsure of herself in this new world (for her) of sex.

Do you:

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