School Fun: Kneel in front of Brittany and begin kissing her feet

From Create Your Own Story

As you kneel in front of Brittany's feet, you realize the tall brunette has removed her leggings. When did she do that? you wonder. You focus on the task at hand and kiss Brittany's feet all over, nibbling lightly on her toes. She lets out a soft moan.

You work your way slowly up her impossibly long legs, careful to kiss, lick and gently caress every square centimeter of her flesh. By the time you reach her knees, her breathing has grown audibly heavier. You kiss the back of her knees and feel her body shiver.

You continue working upwards, and you gently spread her legs apart as you reach her thighs. Her thin, white panties have a visible wet spot. Brittany's body is trembling as you approach her most sensitive area.

"Mmmmmmmm," Brittany whispers. "Uh... we really shouldn't... mmmmm!... do this... oooh!... it's a sin..."

Her mouth is saying one thing, but her body is saying another. Her panties have become practically see-through from the honey leaking out of her slit.

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