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It's January. For a senior in high school, this is an incredibly stressful time. You're worried about midterms, about college acceptances (or... gulp, rejections), and you haven't had a single snow-day yet (um, hello? Seniors don't have to make up snow days! Bring them on!). Your parents keep nagging you about grades and your future, and your teachers give the "don't check out just yet" speech once a week.

Yep, it's certainly a stressful time to be...

Augustine Corne, daughter of the mayor and the richest kid in town

Clio Alvarez, captain of the varsity cheer squad

Marlowe Brackett, guitarist in an up-and-coming underground band

Alexandria Jennings, president of the senior student body

Teri Seeley, comic book obsessed super nerd

Eponine Foster, president of the theater arts department

Daniela Rayner, the new student in school as of a month ago

Noor Noble, the artsy, hippie wildlife conservationist who is also president of the yearbook committee

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