Clio Alvarez, captain of the varsity cheer squad

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Stressful? Try terrifying! As captain of the varsity cheer squad, you have a LOT to worry about! There's always drama between the other girls on the squad, you have to maintain your grades in order to keep your cheer scholarship to Ohio State University, and to top it all off, your boyfriend Lewis broke up with you in December because he "needs time to focus on his music". Like, as if!

Today is the last day of midterms for the rest of the school, but you're home free because you didn't take a class A Block (as if you NEED anymore stress in your life). Some of the girls on the squad are planning on taking a trip to the beach today to take pictures in their bikinis. Sounds fun, but there's a new movie that came out last night with your favorite actor that you'd talked about seeing with your sister, who is home from college. Or you could just take a day for yourself...

Go to the beach with your squad

Go see that new movie with your sister

Who needs them? Just chill out

Date? none Equipment:

iPhone 5

Dress? none
Money $500
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