Plow Troi's pussy from behind

From Create Your Own Story

Your hands grasp at Deanna's hips most firmly, she always did like that. The palms press tightly into what is again soft at the surface, but so amazingly muscular beneath. Only when a man act-ually touches a woman does he know this truth. Troi's hips arch back with your grasping, the way you indeed "PULL" at her.

You smile at the thought, "PULL" is British English for sexual intercourse. And so it is that you have made your decision. A good deep "PULL" of Deanna's pussy. You can save the other for later. You press the head of your cock to her vaginal lips. Not virginal lips, the thought comes tripping past your cortex. Cortex? No, your HEAD, and you push it firmly and in one stroke all the way to the depth of her kitty. You ask, "Does your kitty like that, Deanna?"

"Um yes, yes," she replies, breathily. "Yes, push the head hard into me!" She cries it as a plea.

Your knees dip, you plow ahead, stroke followed by swift stroke. You are a man on a mission, to pour your seed out with a jolt of pleasure. There will be no holding back, no slowing and pacing yourself. You will not wait for her pleasure, but simply take your own now from her. Your thighs part wider and you are astraddle the cushion of Troi's ass cheeks. Thigh and buttocks slap together rhythmically.

A laugh from you, "actually Deanna, that is pull, not push, because you speak proper British English my bird. Of course, plowing your pussy is what I'm really doing."

And the thought comes into her mind, what else is this man with the big head likely to plow next?

With that jolt you come, hard, deep, right up in the core of Counselor, Commander Troi.


Do you:

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