Take Troi's ass

From Create Your Own Story

Your cock is very slippery from Deanna's copious fluids. You press the head against her tight sphincter.

"Oh, shit!" Troi exclaims just as you pop inside her ass. The groan of pleasure that follows tells you that she likes it. Slowly, you pull back on her hips and push deeper into her rectum. Troi pushes back, moaning. She is so tight and snug, you gasp at the tremendous pressure she puts on your shaft. A couple more thrusts and you're balls deep inside her dark passage.

"Fuck my ass. Fuck it good," Deanna demands, with a purr.

You pull out and pound into her. She shrieks, and you growl. In just a few strokes, you're almost going as fast in and out of Troi's ass as you were in her pussy. She keeps pushing back and is soon whimpering in delight. Her ass squeezes you as she comes.

You can't take any more, and your cock explodes in Troi's nether region. You blast her ass full of your seed, hot and sticky. As you finish, you lean against her, still impaling her.

After resting a minute, you pull out slowly. Deanna moans as you withdraw.

"That was fantastic," she says.

Do you:

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