Go down on Deanna

From Create Your Own Story

You begin by licking and kissing at Troi's abdomen, but her hands on your head lead you down to her privates. She spreads her legs wide apart to give you total access, and is rewarded with your tongue licking slowly and steadily at the apex of her opening.

"Oh, yes," Deanna groans, "no one ever does this for me, keep licking..." Your fingers spread her shining lips, and you lavish a devoted tongue-bath upon her most sensitive region. You find that her thighs are now glued to either side of your head, and her hands are impelling you to bury your face between her legs. The rising tone of her moans tells you she's getting close, and sure enough Deanna gets off with an exclamation of extreme pleasure. You keep licking, and she seems to have a quick series of mini-orgasms following the first one.

Do you-

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