Ask Deanna for head

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Deanna stands.

While the two of you are gazing into each other's eyes, Deanna takes a quick peek downward.

"I want to taste you," she says, and who are you to argue? She kneels comfortably at your feet, and immediately takes most of your cock into her mouth. Your fingers clutch at her skull, clenching her hair in your hands, desperately trying not to ram your prick right down her throat. You start moving your hips back and forth, sliding your member between Troi soft lips, creating delicious friction. She's really enjoying your groans, and she starts bobbing her head back and forth, until the entire length of your cock is sliding down her throat. Deanna's quiet sucking and slurping sounds float up to you, and you can sense that your orgasm is rushing toward you.

"I'm coming," you croak, and Deanna holds her head still, pumping your shaft with her hands. Your knees go weak and you feel your hot sperm spraying into her mouth, rolling down her throat. Deanna gulps silently, sending your creamy load down to her stomach. She doesn't let you drag your dick out of her mouth until she's finished licking every drop of come off of it.

Do you --

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