Nod it off

From Create Your Own Story

Sleep comes so easily that a few seconds later your back in dreamland. Its a place faraway from here. A better place where you don't have to worry every morning. The neighbors are cheerful and friendly. Its great to be outside where you don't feel threatened or scared. It's so peaceful that you almost miss having to carry a weapon every day!

It's quiet. Not a scream or siren out in the world. It's almost as if you wish you didn't have to wake up. That is, until a sharp twinge hits you in the back of your head.

You open your eyes to see complete darkness. Had you overslept the entire day? A few difficult blinks and you find out that you've been blindfolded. In a sudden state of panic, you flinch and try to raise your hands up to find out they've been tied up behind you. You try to move your legs but discover that they've been tied up too.

"Mornin' sunshine." You hear a man say as he breathes it close to your ear. "What a lovely apartment you have here. I hope you don't mind if I take a look around for myself."

You yell at him to let you go before he suddenly gags your mouth.

"Now now, we don't want to have any more guests in the house, now don't we? Even if you do, I think I'd prefer to have you all to myself."

You muffle out loud sounds and try to break loose from your bindings to no avail. You hear him walk around the room. You could make out some taps that sound like he's picking things up. Again, you try to shout stop but your voice reaches a halt. You accidentally lick the gag, and from the cloth-like feel you guess that's its a sock. And judging from how warm it is, you guess that it's his.

The realization makes you yell even louder until he tussles your hair and grabs it up.

"Alright, I'm sure we both don't like how you're feeling right now, but I'm feeling pretty generous today," he says. "I promise I won't harm you or keep you tied up like this. But all you have to do is give a me good answer to my following question. Now I'm gonna take this gag off, and you better be good."

He slowly pulls it off and you take a sharp breath in. You smack your lips from the dryness until you feel his face lean up towards your ear.

"So, where do you want it?"

Don't answer

In my mouth

In the ass

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