In my mouth

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"Ah well, with it being right in your face, I'm pretty damn sure you do!"

And without further ado, his cock slips right past your lips. Its flaccid form fills up your mouth. You think twice about whether you want to give him a good blowjob or bite his dick in half, but seeing as you're completely helpless at the moment, you decide its best to just let him get what he wants.

He thrusts in his flaccid dick all the way in. It doesn't make you gag, but your nose hits his crotch and you breathe in his scent. The smell along elevates the musky taste of his penis. He keeps it on for you to wrap its softness around with your tongue, slowly bringing it to hardness. You can't help but let the experience excite you.

"That's right, you little slut. Get me nice and hard to fuck ya'!" he yells.

Soon enough, his shaft starts to drip with precum, and you can sample the salty liquid straight from the tap. His dick finally gets hard that it becomes to difficult to wrap inside the wetness of your mouth. You indulge yourself and gently squeeze out his delicious precum as he slides out his long shaft. You feel the entire length pass through your lips, and when you finally feel the tip come out, you suck hard wishing he would push it back in. You would guess he's at least nine inches long.

"You're getting pretty into this aren't ya'?" he says as he slaps his hard dick on your face. You press your lips against the base of his penis, and you run your tongue below to find his warm soft balls. You lick vigorously, wanting him to make as much cum he could spray your insides with.

"Love how you're enjoying yourself and all, but ya gotta remember that right now," he presses the tip of his wet penis against your lips. "You're my bitch."

And in an instant, he slides his entire length right home. He goes far in as possible and you gag by reflex. The tip goes down your throat and you try to accomodate his cock as much possible. Your face slams right into crotch, but you can hardly breathe in his scent. Tears well up as you try your best not to choke on his dick. The entire taste is flooding in your mouth as he roughly humps against your face.

Subconsciously, you slowly get hard from the ordeal. But he's too busy skullfucking you to notice. You do your best to deepthroat his long cock, and hope that he gets off faster.

"Mmmm... boy you've got a good mouth. So nice and warm... just lovely."

Let him finish inside your mouth

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