In the ass

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"Good answer."

You hear him walk around you. He gropes your ass cheeks softly first. He slips his hand down your pants to get a better feel of the soft skin of your bum. He pinches and squeezes it with both hands. He tries to indulge himself as long as he wants. He slides down towards your hole and prods his finger against it. He tries hard but finds it difficult to insert his finger.

"I'm guessing yer still a little nervous from all this. Lemme help you relax a bit."

He pulls his hand away only to slap it against your ass. You moan loudly upon impact. You moan even louder as he slaps you again, harder this time. He continues to do so, alternating left and right. Soon enough you could feel the heat and soreness radiating. You feel it slightly numben from the pain. Enough that when he inserts his finger, it goes in without difficulty.

You moan as he quickly inserts his second finger, spreading open your hole for him to enjoy. His other hands slides around your waist. You don't realize that your hard until he firmly grips your cock around his hand.

"All perked up and excited eh?" He says. "Guess that makes two of us." You feel his hard dick rubbing against your ass. You can believe it but it excites you even more knowing that you're about to get raped.

You feel something cold press against your neck, and you shiver in fear the moment you realize what it is. You yell at him to stop and when he pulls against your bindings.

"Don't worry. I'm just gonna make this better for both of us." He takes his knife and runs it through your clothing. You hear him rip and tear through your shirt, then your pants, and finally your underwear. It's hard to keep good clothing nowadays, but its now the least of your worries as you hear him take off his shirt as well. He really means to enjoy himself in fucking you.

He slides a hand around your jawline and presses his fingers into your lips. You let him slide it in and you rub your tongue against it. You suck and tease at him as you play it around with your tongue.

"You better get it real wet for me, cause its the only lube we'll get." He says. You oblige with as much saliva as you could offer before he pulls his fingers out. A few moments later, he pushes them in through your asshole, sliding easily from the spit you gave him. He teases you as he pushes and pulls in a steady rhythm. You helplessly moan every time he pushes in and out of you.

"What you gonna do? Beg for my dick?" He leans in closer to your ear. Your hole is practically aching for his dick, and its just rubbing against your ass. "Come on, I'd like to hear you beg."

Beg the thief to fuck you

Don't beg the thief to fuck you

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