Made the bed.

From Create Your Own Story

Reluctantly, you shift the blankets into position. Once you have somewhat creased out the folds in the aforementioned blankets, you step back to admire your work... and promptly fall backwards through the open bedroom door.

You crash downstairs, the attention of the country blacksmith Borge never diverting from the large bowl of steaming porridge before him.

"Morning, boy," he grunts.

"I have a name," you grumble, getting to your feet.

Borge says nothing, preferring to scratch his salt-and-pepper beard and gesture to the noticeably smaller bowl of porridge in front of him. Snorting, you nevertheless take up your seat at the wooden table, and devour the porridge instantly.

"Now, boy, the horse-keeper's prize mare needs shoeing, and his pony has quite a bit of gravel stuck in its hind hooves," Borge informs you as you get up to attend to the house chores. "They'll be around at noon."

You nod, too tired to reply, and go off to perform the chores.

Living as a blacksmith's apprentice on a farm is hard work... you think to yourself.

Do you:

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