Milk the cows.

From Create Your Own Story

You resolutely turn away from the whinnying, and trudge towards the cows. They turn big brown eyes on you, and seem to say that you'll be in your grave very, very soon.

Sighing, you hoist up a nearby stool and a bucket, and get to work.

As usual, the cows kick and buck and bellow, but you finally manage to milk the sodding things. After wiping milk from his face for the umpteenth time, and swearing at the cows for the umpteenth time, and kicking a seemingly empty bucket for the umpteenth time, and realising that you have just kicked over a full bucket of milk for the umpteenth time, you turn away and jog towards the farmhouse.

Buckets and buckets of milk. You stand them up in the cool-room, muttering about how you have to bottle them later, then turn and head outside.

The whinnying has now grown louder. Curious, you begin to approach the whinnying, but then realise that you are due in the smith to repair the shoes. Maybe the whinnying is coming from the smith; you're not sure.

Do you:

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