Collect the chickens' eggs.

From Create Your Own Story

The rooster squawks at you and tries to peck out your eyes, but you wave it away irritably and take the final speckled egg from beneath the final brown-feathered hen, who gives you a look with her beady eyes that manages to say both "Go to hell, vicious demon" and "There's a little something on your face, deary".

You shudder. You'll never get along with animals.

Looking at the basket of eggs, you hastily count them before the rooster has a chance to deliver the fiftieth scarring scratch to your tunic-clad back this month. Muttering about rats of the air and other alarming insults to avian creatures, you count out two-dozen eggs.

Satisfied with the day, you put the woven basket filled with eggs down on the wooden bench inside the farmhouse. Then, you push the door open, grass crunching under your feet, and make your way to the cows.

Suddenly, you hear the sound of whinnying.

Do you:

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