LoK Watch Falco rail Katt?

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Falco awkwardly humped Katt, slowly building up some momentum against the resistance of the pool water. He half-waddled towards the edge of the pool, clutching the cat's pink butt, while she tried to coo encouragement between stifled giggles.

Krystal wasn't making it easy for the couple to maintain their composure either... the normally serious Falco looked completely ridiculous and unsteady- she hoped for Katt's sake that this opening part of the performance wouldn't be typical. The bird, having finally made it to the water's edge, used it to steady his thrusting motion, which had an immediate effect on the pitch of Katt's voice.

"Oh my GOD, Falco!" she cried, as his baster drove itself deep inside her. Falco thrust again in mute answer. Bird-made waves crashed around the merrily squirming couple, which did much to obscure Katt's more vocal approval, but little to dampen their resolve.

As far as Katt was concerned, she was living out a dream come true, and the waves that resulted from their lovemaking was a small price to pay. As far as Falco was concerned, the water's resistance was making it difficult to drive himself into his pink partner- but he never backed down from a challenge. As far as Krystal was concerned, however, she was missing out. She casually walked back towards the ladder, and climbed out of the pool. The vixen, never taking her eyes from the copulating couple, grabbed another of the mudslides. She popped another open, and strode purposely towards them again- staying out of the water this time.

She sat casually on the pool's edge, behind Katt's head, and cleared her throat to catch Falco's attention. The bird looked up from Katt's blissfully mewling face, and saw Krystal motioning him to turn her around.

Falco pulled out slowly, hesitantly, and reached up from Katt's hips to her shoulders. She pink cat focused her dazed eyes for a moment, confused, until Falco spun her around, and pushed her head into Krystal's crotch.

"Better keep up your strength, Katt," Krystal said seductively, looking down at the breathless kitten. "Why don't you have a drink?" Grabbing her pink ears, Krystal steered her friend nose-first towards her soaking muff. Obediently, the kitten lapped at Krystal's folds, teasing the vixen's clit with her tiny pink tongue, pausing briefly when Falco again penetrated her from behind. Krystal slowly poured the Kahlua down her cleavage- the chocolatey river trickling between her breasts, down her tight stomach, and mingled with her own, non-alcoholic nectar, but sweetening Krystal's natural taste. Katt responded positively, shedding the last of her reservations, and muff-dove into Krystal with reckless abandon. Krystal tensed and shivered approvingly as the cat ate her out between her own happy moans and squeals, as Falco drove mightily into her.

It wasn't long before Krystal became aware of her own and Falco's labored breathing. Krystal was close, and she knew Falco was too. Katt had already melted into a pink, blissful kitty goo- she came quickly after Falco switched positions, though she still lapped absently at Krystal's pussy. "Falco," moaned Krystal, "come here..."


Health 100 Equipment:

Stark naked, 3 bottles of Kaluha

MP 0
Level 1
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