LoK Falco cum inside Katt?

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Falco didn't respond, the determined, singular expression on his face told Krystal that the bird was miles away, his primitive brain urging him to focus on the female he had in his clutches. A little disappointed, Krystal encouraged Katt's ministrations that much more- she knew Katt would stop when Falco came, and Krystal was far too wound up to allow that.

"C'mon Katt," Krystal whispered, "just a little more... remember who you have to thank for this." The cat looked up with drunk and happy eyes, then back down at Krystal's soaking snatch. Hungrily and with purpose, she dove in between Krystal's thighs again, showing no mercy. Krystal's back arched, and her shapely legs curled around Katt's head. Krystal slumped backwards on the cool tiled floor, loudly moaning encouragement- she was so close, so close...

Krystal's hips ground ecstatically against Katt's muzzle, pressing her light blue mound into Katt's face, encouraging the cat's tongue deeper. "F-fuck... Katt... yyeeeesssss...." One more flick of a rough tongue sent Krystal over the edge- she cried out and tensed, then burst into an orgasm, her juices soaking Katt's face.

Falco wasn't far behind- he thrust deeply into the pussy's pussy and squawked out his orgasm. Katt gave a final squeal, as Falco pumped her full of bird seed. His laborious breathing slowed, his thrusts, pushing more of his cum deeper inside her, slowed with it. Spent, Falco slowly slipped out of Katt, and he wobbled over to the pools edge, pulled himself out of the water, and lay on the tile beside Krystal.

Katt joined the three of them, breathing raggedly. Eventually, she caught her breath enough to speak. "That was awesome..." she stated with finality. "We totally need to do that again." She licked her muzzle clean, not taking her eyes from Falco. Krystal knew she wasn't included as part of the 'we' Katt was talking about. She unsteadily got to her feet, and turned to bid the pair adieu- but Katt had already crawled on top of the spent bird, and seemed to be doing her best to get him hard again.

Krystal smirked, and grabbed a towel and her discarded clothing from the chair she threw them on.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Stark naked, 2 bottles of Kaluha

MP 0
Level 1
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