LoK Falco unload on Krystal, as promised?

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Falco looked up, still grinding into the hindquarters of the pink cat between them. "All right, Krystal... I... I'm a bird of my word." Katt mewed once as Falco's dick slid out of her, disappointed he didn't climax inside her.

The blue hawk quickly jumped to the edge, scrambling towards an increasingly excited-looking vixen. Krystal held Katt's face against her mound, reminding the pink cat that she still had work to do, while the vixen licked her maw hungrily.

Falco stood beside Krystal, and, gripping her blue locks, thrust his cock deep into her waiting maw. Krystal gagged at first on his length and exuberance- she hadn't had him as a partner before, and wasn't sure what she needed to be prepared for. The bird continued his assault on her throat, fucking her mouth with reckless abandon.

Krystal acclimated easily enough once she got over the surprise, and gripped the base of his shaft with her free hand. She milked him as best she could, distracted by both Falco's rough hammering and Katt's tender licking. She knew she was close, but the deep rumbling caw building up in Falco's throat told Krystal that she wouldn't have enough time for her own needs.

With an echoing caw! Falco erupted in Krystal's mouth, pouring out his warm seed down her throat. The taste of the Kahlua that was still on her tongue was quickly overwhelmed by his thick, salty sperm. Krystal lightly squeezed Falco's downy balls, and another burst of flavor splashed against the back of her throat.

Katt had stopped servicing Krystal, and was watching the exchange of fluids that was occurring above her. Cum dripped from Krystal's smiling lips, white drops streaming down the outside of her throat, down between her breasts. Katt raised her head and lapped the stray drops away, cleaning the spatters from Krystal's voluptuous chest. Falco had calmed significantly, his frenzied thrusts had died down to a calmer pace, but he was not yet ready to pull out of her warm, welcoming mouth.

Krystal gently pushed him away, dribbling lines of semen still dripping from his spent cock. She looked up at him happily. "Thanks, Falco- that was nice."

Falco opened his eyes, and looked down at the two happy women at his feet. "Always... always glad to be of service." He lightly rubbed his dick on Krystal's cheek, marking her face with his seed. Katt, in a burst of jealousy, jumped onto the ledge with them, and licked it off.

"Why don't you go into the showers there and clean up a bit, Krystal?" suggested Katt strongly. "There's something I'd like to discuss with Falco in private."

The vixen looked at the interested expression on Falco's face, then back at Katt. Katt couldn't tear her eyes from Falco's penis- clearly, the cat wanted more, and wasn't interested in sharing the next round.

Krystal shrugged, silently cursing the fact that she hadn't managed to get off yet. Maybe a shower would help. She unsteadily got to her feet, and walked to where she tossed her clothes and her towel.

She turned again to say her goodbyes, but already Katt was tending to Falco, greedily sucking any remaining drops out, and trying to get him hard. Not wishing to interrupt, Krystal decided to make her exit.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Stark naked, 2 bottles of Kaluha

MP 0
Level 1
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