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You walk over to Mike and Jessica. You talk about new songs you found.


- So are we going to practice today? Jessica says. - I can't. - OK, Mike. Then it's only me and you, Ryan.

This is perfect! You really like Jessica with her long brown hair with blonde highlights. A 2-3 hour practice all alone is the perfect moment to make a move. A bell rings and you scatter, everyone going to their classes. Your next class is math. Luckily you're not bad at it, only too lazy to do your homework. You walk in the door and sit down. Ms Ericsen, your teacher is extremly hot. Today she's wearing a short-sleeved turtleneck-shirt and a skirt. Her long blonde hair looks amazing.


- Okay, class. Is there anyone in here who hasn't done their homework?

You reach your right hand for the sky.

- Ohh Ryan, I almost thought you did it this time. She says ironicly.

- You've just earned yourself a detention. You'll stay after this class, okay?

- Everyone read chapter 5 regarding equations and algebra.

60 minutes later the bell rings. Everyone leaves except you.

- Ryan what should we do about this problem of yours?

- I don't know, miss.

- Well, we'll have to figure something out.... I've got an idea... bring me chapter 6 tomorrow and I'll give you a little... treat to continue doing your homework.

You immedeatly know that she's talking about rocking your world.

- Well shouldn't you run of to your next class

- Yes, miss. You say and go to your locker.

At lunch you sit next to Amanda. You do some trashtalking and then she asks you if you could help her with her english homework. You say: I'll give you a call if I can. I've got to practice and then i have some homework of my own.

A couple hours later your school day is finally over. What should you do now?

Practice with Jessica

Do you math homework

Help Amanda

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