Do you math homework

From Create Your Own Story

You go home to do your homework for ms Ericsen. More equations and algebra. When done the clock is showing 11 pm, so you go to bed. You wake up in the morning and go to school. Math is the last lesson. You struggle through the day only thinking of ms Ericsens firm breasts. You enter the class and sit down at a bench. As usual ms Ericsen asks if anyone hasn't done their homework. You don't hold up your hand this time either.

- Okay Ryan, You'll have to stay for 2 hours.

- Yes, miss. You say.

60 minutes pass and you stay as everyone else go home.

- So Ryan you didn't do the homework even with my little offer.

- Yes I did it, miss. But if I would've hold my hand up you would have no reason to give me a detention.

- Haha, you're not so stupid after all. So were do you want to put it, Ryan?

Put it in her pussy

Put it in her mouth

Put it inbetween her tits

Put it in her ass

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