Practice with Jessica

From Create Your Own Story

You take your guitar and amplifier and begins walk towards Jessicas house. When you arrive you knock at the garage door. A few seconds later Jessica opens.

- Come in she says.

You take off your boots and your jacket and starts to plug in your equipment. After a couple of repetations Jessica says: Ryan there's a thing I've wanted to tell you for quite some time. You aproach her.

- I-i like you.

- I like you too

- No. I mean like I really really like you.

- Yeah that was what I meant.

You're face to face now.

- Ohh. She kind of moans instead of says it. You start to kiss her. You can feel that she's aroused, and you move over to the sofa.

You start to undress eatch other. Take me where ever you want, Ryan! Where do you stick it?

Her mouth

Her muff

Her boobs

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