Follow your nose and turn left

From Create Your Own Story

You decide it best to sniff the entrances of both caves, something tells you not to head down the right cave, so you follow your nose and head left. The tunnel increasingly became dark as you walked along it, becoming more and more afraid as you went. You'd already accidentally kicked some corpses and stepped over them and continued. You noticed it starting to get thicker and deeper, your shoes were becoming soaked in what you could only presume to be blood, "Ew," you said to yourself as the blood seeped through your socks and drenched your feet. You took a step up onto a large mound which you could only suspect to be a giants belly, though it was shorter than you thought and you slipped off the side and hit the ground with a thud. Your knees throbbed in pain and you cried out before you slowly stood up making sure not to slip on the lake of blood beneath your soles. You didn't remember killing nearly this many demons or this close together, your stomach as was tight and you were scared. You wanted to turn back but you'd already walked a few miles and knew the end would be close.


   Turn around and begin the slow trek back
   Bravely continue walking
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