Turn around and begin the slow trek back

From Create Your Own Story

I couldn't take another step forward, the feeling in my gut was screaming at me, I took a step back onto a dead body and then another, I started to hear a giggle something moving in front of me, a heavy breath here and there. I my eyes widened, 'One of them was alive,' I screamed at myself in my head. I crept back as quietly as I could. The laugh grew louder, I could hear it moving dead bodies out of the way, 'Could it see me,' I started to panic and turned around, the laugh was echoing through the tunnel, it sounded closer. I ran as fast as I could stumbling over bodies and landing head first into a bloody squishy body, my hand landed in theres. 'A hand! A fucking hand! These are humans!,' I scrambled to my feet but I felt something scrap against my lower leg as I started to run. I skipped over the bodies and ran faster than I knew was possibly out of the cave. As I exited, I turned around and peered back, a thousand eyes glowed from the shadows. My heart was pounding and I could barely breath.


   Run back to your group
   Run down the other cave
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