Bravely continue walking

From Create Your Own Story

You take a deep breath, and then quickly regret it with the smell of blood being so strong, and take a step forward, and another and another. Your foot feeling its way a long the path as you walk and your head skimming the sharp prickly walls as you continue down the path, desperately hoping for the exit to be near. You kick another body and sigh walking over it, and then suddenly something touched your shoulder. Slowly, you turned your head to look at whatever it was, but it was gone. Your breath quickened and adrenaline pumped through your body and you ran back the way you came, stumbling over bodies. Your knee fell into the middle of one and you heard a cry of pain beneath you. Your breath was lodged in your throat and you quickly got up and tried to continue running but its scaly hands were wrapped around your ankle and it's sharp claws were digging into your skin, you cried out in pain, but it laughed and slung you in the opposite direction, you screamed as flew through the tunnel, unsure of how far or how fast you'd been thrown. You hit the floor with a loud thud and continued to slide in blood for a few feet. Your breath was panicky and your hands shake. You heard a low chuckle behind you.


   pull out your magical weapon
   plead with it
   scream bloody murder
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