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Use this page to nominate stories that you think are worthy of being featured and recommended on the Main Page. Stories do not need to be listed on this page to be featured, but if you're uncomfortable featuring a story yourself, add it here, and someone else might.

Stories must be at least 25 pages long to be eligible for nomination and should have several paths available. The exception to that is complete stories. Complete stories are eligible regardless of length. Nominations should be grammatically correct and have a consistent theme. Click here for How to feature a story.

Current Nominations:

  • The Punishment of Claire and Cassandra In this story, you play Sheriff John Brook, father of a teenage girl named Claire. John and Claire have been living alone for several years, since her mother passed away. Over the years, Sheriff Brook has developed some unusual methods for disciplining his daughter.
  • Agent Black A simply magnificent rendition of an undercover modern assassin. Highly recommended for anyone even slightly interested in these types of stories, and for readers in general.
  • An Epic Adventure Hilarious and many ways to finish this quest. Different factions you can take.
  • High School A fun story, you choose your social group (stereotype), then go on about everyday life. All the stories tie together. On most stories, there is a picture or 2 showing what you look like. During concerts, depending on the song, it will show a concert video of that song from youtube. Includes some pretty funny endings, from dying by cyanide to getting your head roundhouse kicked off by Chuck Norris.
  • Smutty Sex Romp A 10,000+ page story regarding sex. LOTS of sex. Oodles of sex.
  • A Day At The Races You have one day to convert your last $100 into at least $1,000 to pay the rent, and you try your luck at the track. Completed story.
  • Bi-sexual Sex stories Adult Story {18+}. It's a new story I've been working on, and would like people to add to it.
  • The Undead A good, well-thought out zombie story. I like it because it gives options that a regular person would actually do. It is also written incredibly. Severely unfinished, unfortunately.
  • Life of a 13 year old: An incredible collection of 170 pages of hand typed story written about the endeavors of the Faye family. See life through Alex's 13 year old body and experience the thrills of sex no matter how you get it! Find out how each character's point of view ties together in this incestuous tale where you can choose to be naughty, OR nice. Warning: Explicit content.
  • Dirty Me: Story about the life of a less than normal girl, and her experiences (Many based on my real experiences). Contains mostly sexual themes at the current time, but will also include material of a darker nature as she turns to drugs, or suffers the consequences of her actions. However, although a couple of the main paths are created, it still has alot of red links that need filled in, so not sure if it is ready for featuring.
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