A Day At The Races

From Create Your Own Story

You stare at the calendar, but it still gives you the same answer. It's May 31st and your rent -- $1,000 -- is due tomorrow.

You turn to stare at your reflection in the mirror and see a frowning 25-year-old man. If you weren't so stressed about the rent, you'd look handsome.

Unfortunately, you only have $100 on hand and your bank accounts are tapped out. Your new job starts tomorrow and that'll cover rent from now on, but in the meantime you need $900 more by tomorrow morning. Your friend told you he won $3,000 in a day by betting on the horse races. Why not?

You go to the small, local racetrack and you're in time. There are 3 races today. The first one features just 4 horses and you only get paid off if your horse wins.

You know nothing about any of the horses. You look at the posted odds and decide to bet all your cash on one of the horses.

Horse #1 is God Knows Who at 2-1 odds -- you will win $200 if he comes home.

Horse #2 is No One Knows at 3-1 odds -- you can win $300.

Horse #3 is The Nameless One at 5-1 odds -- $500, possibly.

Horse #4 is Who The Hell at 12-1 odds -- you could win $1,200 and be good to go!

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