How to feature a story

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Anyone may feature a new story as long as at least a week has passed since the last story was featured. Nominations can be found on this page, though you are not restricted to featuring stories from that page. You may feature any story you'd like as long as it conforms to the rules.

To feature a new story

  • Link to it in the featured story section, and write a short description.
  • Include your signature.
  • Link to the story on the Previous Featured Stories page with the date it was featured.


  • Stories must be at least 25 pages long to be eligible for featuring, unless they're complete.
  • Stories must be grammatically correct.
  • Stories should have a consistent theme.
  • You may feature a story that's already been featured, but only if it's been 3 months since it was last featured, and as long as there have been at least 3 other stories featured since your choice was last featured.
  • If the story you're featuring has adult themes *wink wink, nod nod*, please state that in the description.
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