Draw your magical weapon

From Create Your Own Story

I gripped the black, hand carved handle of Amyntas, the defender, and swung the huge flaming war hammer down on the ground, the molten rock shook beneath it causing the rock to quickly spike up into the air as it bolted towards the cerberus, each spike bigger than the last. The cerberus slammed it's hundred foot wide paw down on the spike, trying to crush it but it went through the spike instead, it howled in pain and growled. It moved its ugly heads closer to us as it stepped off the spike, blood pouring out of the wound and flooding the ground beneath him. He stepped closer and that's when I saw it, a single head in the middle in armor, 'That must be the original,' I thought to myself and raised my war hammer, now covered in molten rock, again. Aerin stood beside me, his bow- Velos, drawn but he didn't know where to shoot.


   Tell Aerin to shoot the head in the middle
   Deal the beast the final blow
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