Tell Aerin to shoot the head in the middle

From Create Your Own Story

"Aerin! Shoot the armored head in the middle!" I shouted at him beside me, I could see his brown eyes scanning the heads, then his eyes widened and he straightened his back and arm and let loose a magical arrow with purified water contained in a glass arrowhead. It hit it's mark, dead center, the armer cracked apart and the glass broke sprinkling the purified water over the monsters heads. It howled in pain and buried it's burning heads in flaming ground beneath him, rubbing his face against the fiery ground. When it lifted it's heads, Lola had a few dozen ice bullets surrounding them, frost emanating off of her hands to keep them frozen while she waited, Aerin loaded his bow with three more arrows, which were a combination of water and wind, and Cain had raised his twelve staffs in the air, each containing a different element; fire, ice, water, earth, wind, sand, lightning, poison, steam, balance, life (plant) and death (destruction); Whichever two were in the center would be combined and amplified to create his strongest spells, in the center was balance.

Growling and barking the badly burned cerberus raised its heads and lunged forward.


   Attack the Cerberus as a group
   Dodge the attack
   Steal everyones thunder and kill it on your own
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