Deal the beast the final blow

From Create Your Own Story

Unsure if Aerin would find the small head in time you let out a loud yell as you hurdled your war hammer towards the head, water spreading out from it as it flew through the air. It hit the armored head with a smack, water splashing out and burning the other heads, roars of pain and anger could be heard. The hammer fell down revealing a broken helmet and a badly burned head. Before I could react an arrow ripped through the air purified air rippled off of it before it hit the head. The head exploded from the impact and ripped through the body leaving a festering hole going straight through the body. The other black heads twitched and his legs buckled and he fell down on his side. The final howls of pain were the last thing heard as it the ground and died, blood pouring out of the holes. I turned my head to look at Aerin and he looked at me with his brown eyes as if to say he was cool and then he smiled and laughed, as I realized my jaw was hanging open. You're breath was caught in your throat, you didn't know what to say.


   Congratulate him
   Belittle his kill
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