Don't beg the thief to fuck you

From Create Your Own Story

You refuse to say anything, holding on to whatever pride you have left.

"Not gonna say anything, are we?" he asks before pinching both of your hard nipples. You moan loudly as he continues to tease you everywhere.

He continues to rub his dick against your ass. He circles the tip around your hole. He presses against it, but never really pushes it inside you. He licks and nips your neck. Squeezes your shaft. Or sometimes even inserts a finger through your hole.

You moan every time he teases you, and you continue to be even more desperate with each passing second.

"Still not gonna beg, are we?" he mocks. "Don't ya see how much ya really want it?"

And you know he's right. Almost instinctively, you're pushing your ass against his cock. Every time his fingers press against your lips, you immediately wrap them with your tongue. Isn't it easier to just give in?

Beg the thief to fuck you

Continue not to beg

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