Beg the thief to fuck you

From Create Your Own Story

"Please" You say.

"Please what?" he replies.

"Please... put it in..." you mutter.

"Put what in? Better be pretty loud and clear" He grabs and squeezes at your dick, making you moan loudly.

"Please! Put your fat cock inside of me!"

And in an instant, right at the moment of your plea, he pushes his entire cock inside your ass. You yell loudly in ecstasy as he slams it all the way to the base. One hand remains firmly around your cock while another he runs it through your chest.

"Good bitch," he whispers before licking your ear. You moan softly while he slowly pulls out his cock and rubs his fingers around your nipples.

"Now the fun really starts."

He drives his length inside you once again. At the same time he bites down at your left ear as he squeezes your right nipple. You yell loudly in pleasure, helpless to his whims as he fucks you at his leisure. He proves to be very ambidextrous as his other hand jerks you off as well. With so much pleasure you'd wish you could return the favor with your own hands, but he kept it tied up behind your back. This however only leaves you even more excited.

He continues to fuck you at an even pace. With each thrust you drop more precum. It drops down your length and onto his hand. Soon enough however, he bucks wildly into you. You know with rhythm he's near to finishing. But that wouldn't matter because before he does, you volley your spunk across the floor. Just as you were at the peak of your orgasm, you hear him moan loudly as he presses against you. His own cum coating your insides.

You breath rapidly along with him. He drops down and rests on top of you for a breather. For now you can't seem to worry in the afterglow of your orgasm.

A few seconds after, when he catches his breath, he gets up and gives one more big slap against your cheeks. You feel his cum start dripping from your hole.

"That was great, sunshine! Love to do ya' every mornin' if you don't mind," he bellows. "But y'know, got a whole day ahead of me, and I can't start the day without getting a good steal, so I hope you don't mind me takin' a few things. I'll be back to untie ya' when I'm done!"

He gets up, and you hear him walk down the stairs. Unknowingly, part of your blindfold has dropped below your eyes, and you catch a quick glance at him. You don't see his face, but you see him wearing a red bandana. He's around 5"10' in height. You're sure he's Caucasian, as you see his white skin top to bottom as he buck naked like you are.

Wait for him to come back

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