Wait for him to come back

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You wait as you hear him ruffle through your things. You wait agonizingly for him to come back. As time goes by your worried he takes a lot of what you have. As more minutes pass, you're worried he's forgotten you. You continue to lie on your stomach with hands and ankles tied up. You think about calling out to him.

But just when you're about to shout, you hear footsteps walking up the stairs. You see him walk in through the door still naked.

"Heya sunshine," he says with a toothy grin. "Whoops! Looks like the blindfold got loose. Well, not like that's gonna be a problem. Tell the police all you want, I'm just one of the many thieves in this neighborhood. But at least one of the most handsome."

He lifts your chin so you could see him face to face. You don't want to admit it, but that rugged face of his absolutely dashing.

"Had an absolute fun time here, but its 'bout time I gotta split." You hear him wearing back his clothes. "Good luck living out here. Here's my number if you ever want a good time. And if you ever want another home invasion, you can always leave the door unlocked again."

Once he's all dressed up and picks up his bag full of your things, he cuts the rope around your wrists.

"Till next time then!" He laughs as he runs off. You hastily try to untie your ankles, but by the time you're done he's already gone.

You let out a deep breath and wear new clothes on.

Look around downstairs

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