Look around downstairs

From Create Your Own Story

You look around downstairs, and your lucky only a few of your things have gone missing. Despite that, it looks like he took some of your more valuable things. You lost your radio, some small kitchen appliances, and your electric fan.

You quickly lock the door. You check twice and you remember him saying "keep the door unlocked again". You remember getting drunk last night with your best friend Nathan. You worry if he got home safely, but you draw the thought back when you realize he left your house without locking it. Thanks for that.

You check to see if anything else went missing. Fortunately, you still have your voodoo charm on the table. A lot of the people in the neighborhood try to avoid voodoo, but you know better to have anything you might need in hand. In your hand is a wood carving of a laughing monkey. You distinctly remember its usefulness and you wear it around your neck.

You look out the window and you still see the world as messed up as always. Someday you might get to afford a better place like Platinum avenue, but the only way to get enough cash quickly enough is to steal. Which is what anyone is doing right now.

The police in this neighborhood are terrible. If anything, they're corrupt. No one asks them for help here.

You sigh. Looks like he took your coffee maker too.

So, what are you going to do today then?

Go find Nathan

Go to work at the hardware store

Stay at home for today

You still can't forget that handsome thief

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