Go to work at the hardware store

From Create Your Own Story

You make your way through the safest route you know to the hardware store.

Thankfully, you don't meet anyone suspicious along the way.

You walk in and find yourself at the end of a double-barrel.

"Well now, mornin' partner," a rough voice echoes at the other end.

"Mornin' Darius," you say. You know him all too well that he tries to keep his business safe as much as possible. In this neighborhood, some pieces hardware could be really useful many illegal things. He's got a cowboy hat, to match his graying beard.

"You forgot to say sir," he grins, lifting your chin with his shotgun.

"Yes sir. Sorry, sir." You say. He takes away his shotgun and goes back to the counter.

Crazy old man. If this place wasn't the only job safe enough, you'd have been out of here and working part-time somewhere else.

"Go fix up at the stockroom. Some things got messed up at night and they need fixin'"

"Yessir," he quickly reply.

You head out the back to find boxes laying on the floor. You pick them up one by one, trying to place them at the right corner. Some are heavy, but you find a way to carry them up. You wonder whatever made a mess here. Yesterday it was practically clean.

You look around your shoulder to see Darius watching you from the door. He stares at you while you work. Figures. Nobody ever buys anything in this shop. They only come in to try and steal - despite the double barrel hello they get that everyone should know by now.

One of the boxes is supposed to go up the shelf. You lift it up to the top when suddenly a pair of hands go around your waist.

"My my boy, you've got the finest pair of ass I've ever seen in this neighborhood," you hear Darius say as he slips his hands under your shirt and pants. "Mmmm,mmmm! Haven't had an ass this good in a loooong time."

He gropes around your skin, pinching your nipples and squeezing your ass. Darius has the roughest hands you've ever touched. And he's not stopping.

You know where this is going.

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