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You give up and let him do what he wants. He grins, and pushes himself onto you. He smells like cigar and musk. You feel his burly chest press up against you, and his erection pushing through his clothes and onto your leg. Just feeling it like this and you already know he's big.

He digs his nose down your neck and takes a good whiff of you. "Mmmm, you young un's really do know how to keep clean. You smell so nice..." he mutters. "Hope ya' don't mind me dirtyin' you up a bit."

Suddenly, he presses his lips against yours. You muffle as he forcibly inserts his tongue, wrapping and dragging it against yours. The damn cowboy knows what he's doing.

You wiggle and try to break free, but it only causes you to get his sizeable erection even more excited.

He doesn't give you a moment to catch your breath. He keeps at it with his incredible tongue-play, and you let loose and try to give back the same amount of attention he's giving you. He moans approvingly of your submission, and he slips a finger down your ass and pushes it in.

You let out a loud moan. The sudden entry forces you to buck your hips forward, which he only returns by thrusting his own hips. Pretty soon he's rocking against you, all at the same time as you continue to make out. Talk about being ambidextrous. You sport your own erection and find it rubbing against him.

He breaks from the kiss, and you let out a disappointing moan. He grins at you. "Glad you're gettin' into it. Cause your about to give this ol' cowboy one heck of a ride."

He grabs your arm and pulls you out of the storage room. You think twice about what he has planned for you, but he just drags you and pushes you to the store counter. You don't even think about fighting back - but you hope no one comes in the store. He pulls down on your pants. You moan loudly as he gives your ass one good slap. He goes down on you and vigorously eats your ass out. You hold your breath from one ecstatic moan to another as presses his wet tongue in and out of your asshole. He holds your erection and squeezes it firmly at the base as he dives his tongue deep inside you. You jerk as he manages to massage a certain part inside you, but he holds you firmly still with your dick.

Once he gets it nice and wet, he stands up and grinds against you before finally pulling out his dick. You curiously want to see it for yourself, but you quickly turn your head when the door opens.

You freeze in place.

What Happens?

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