Continue not to beg

From Create Your Own Story

"Maybe you need a little more encouragin' aftah all." You hear him zip his pants up and walk downstairs. You yell out to him to let you go but he doesn't answer.

You try to break free from your bindings but to no avail. You continue to yell out to him, but you stop when you seem to hear voices from outside. You try to listen but you can't make out any of the words.

You keep trying to get loose but without any luck you despair that you'll be tied up forever. You yell out to him, begging him to come fuck you if that's what it takes. But it doesn't seem like he's inside the house at the moment.

Pretty soon, you hear some heavy footsteps from downstairs. You cry for help but soon realize that there's more than one pair of footsteps.

"Here he is boys. All ripe for the pickin'" You hear your would-be burglar say.

You hear someone whistle and another laughing. You're not sure how many of them are there with the blindfold still on. You hear them walk around you before your head gets pulled up by your hair.

"Feel like beggin' now, don't ya?" You hear him say. "Don't worry. When we're done with you - if we ever will, you're gonna beg for it for the rest of your life."

Hands quickly grope all around. Your ass gets a first taste as it gets pinched, squeezed and slapped at their leisure. They get you on your knees and untie your hands and feet.

"Don't even think about running for it. Unless you want us to break 'em, you're gonna need those for something else."

Try to escape?

Beg for it.

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