Call Tyrone(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You call Tyrone. He says he he will be over soon. You unlock the back door and run to your room.

Your hear him walk inside and you yell to him and come upstairs. You sitting on your bed, all dressed up in a a red cheerleading outfit. You have makeup on, a long black wig on and breast implants under the bra. Your heart beats fast as his footsteps get closer, you have been dreaming of this day. Now the door opens and he walks in. The shock on his face when he sees you, scares you, then he smiles.

"Well Timmy," he says, "I wasn't expecting this."

"Call me. Vivian," you say.

"That's your sisters," he says, "OK, Vivian."

"What do you think," you say, scared of his next response.

"You look very sexy, Vivian," he says, "I am not surprised, I have seen you dress up through your window many nights."

Embarrassed you say, "I have dreamed of this for a long time."

"Me too," he says, "I jackoff to the thought of you sucking my dick and fucking your ass."

What to do?

Ask to suck his cock(SLBC)

Ask him for anal(SLBC)

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