Ask him for anal(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You ask him for anal. And tell him you've only used dildos and you want a real cock inside you.

"You want this big black cock in that virgin white ass of your?" He asks.

"Yes, fuck me, please," you beg him.

He instructs you to bend over and lean on the bed. He stands behind you, raises your skirt and pulls off the thong your wearing. You hand him the lube, he pours it on your ass and slides a finger in to lube you up. He bounces his cock off your ass as he does it. He asks if your ready and you feel the pressure on your asshole as he pushes the head in slowly. It hurts so much but you keep quiet.

He pumps the head in and out a inch or so, to get it lubed up. He has one hand on your hip and the other guiding his cock in. The pressure feels good. Its warm, unlike your dildos, and smooth as it slides in. He is only acouple inches in now. With both hands on your hips he slides it in and out slowly. A little deeper each time. Its a great feeling, having that huge cock fill you up. Its not hurting as much, and it is sliding smoothly in and out of your tight ass. Before long you feel his balls press up against you. He is all the way in, he holds it there a second and asks if your ok. You tell him your OK and to fuck you hard, like a prison bitch. He agrees and starts pounding your ass. Long stroking, he slams into you. Your cock is bouncing in rhythym with him. His balls bouncing off your ass cheeks.

Ask him to cum(SLBC)

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